Nicole Bucks

Nicole Buck is a Certified & Licensed Dog Trainer with over 15 years experience working with and training dogs of all Sizes, Breeds and Ages.  She believes in and utilizes many methods to gain the desired behavioral results from your K9.  She can provide for Therapy Dog and AKC Canine Good Citizen testing and Certification.  She also provides Service Dog Training and Aggression/Fear de-sensitization and behavior modification training. So if you have a dog with aggression or fear issues, she can rehabilitate them and get them to a stable frame of mind.

Training tip: Socialization: It is critical within the first 18 months to properly socialize puppies, introducing them to many different stimuli and environments to avoid developing phobias later in life. Proper socialization includes interacting with dogs ranging in both size and age. This helps ensure each puppy will become well adapted as they grow older as well as help eliminate future fear, aggression and other neurotic behaviors.  Older dogs exhibiting fear or aggression can be rehabilitated through proper behavior modification training and socialization.

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